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BIBLIAROM, a window to the knowledge of God


 Romanian version


BIBLIAROM presents:


Romanian Bibles and programs for their reading:


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---------- "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." - John 1:1 ---------- "Without payment ye have received, without payment give." - Mat. 10:8 ---------- "Ye therefore shall be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect." - Mat. 5:48 ---------- "I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no one cometh unto the Father, but by me." - John 14:6



Faith, prayer and the Bible (as revealed truth) are the three paths that God has granted us so that we might know Him. Yet prayer relies on Faith; and, in turn, Faith has as its object the truth revealed in the Holy Scriptures. For this reason, people must first learn the sacred truth of the Bible, then understand it, and then, with a well-founded faith, go to church and pray. Unfortunately, in our country there are still many who have not read the Word of God, whether from lack of the text or from unwillingness to do so.


Bibliarom proposes to inform the Romanian public about the best known international sites that carry Bibles in the Romanian language, as well as programs for their study. These programs offer handy facilities for the comparative reading of several biblical versions, for fast search to find verses or text, and even maps and images with biblical relevance.


All the Bibles on these sites use a single reference system: the versification of the King James Bible (KJV). Therefore, the verse numbering in the Romanian Bibles has been slightly modified (particularly in the Book of Psalms), in order to correspond to that of the KJV. Without these changes, the Romanian Scriptures would not be able to work with the programs for reading and studying the Bible. Yet, while the numbering has been altered here and there, the biblical text is completely authentic, not changed in any way from the original versions of the Holy Scriptures.


The fact that the Romanian Bible is now present on the most important Christian sites that include versions in several languages, so that it can now be read by other nations too, represents a victory for us, of the Romanians, and for our ancestors' Faith. We thank first and above all the Lord God, and all those who have contributed to make this thing possible!


Below is a list of the sites where you can find the Bible in most of the languages of the world, including Romanian:




Bibliarom at The SWORD Project


"The SWORD Project" is one of the best known programs for the study of the Bible. It allows comparative reading of a large number of Bibles, parallel reading of up to three different Bibles in the same screen window, text search, display of commentaries in parallel with the scriptural text, and the use of biblical dictionaries. You may download "The SWORD Project" program free of charge from CrossWire's software site. Romanian Bibles for this program are to be found, also free, at the following addresses: The Christian Edification Station, Christian File Center, theChan website of Christian Bible Resources (here you will need to subscribe first, then to visit, and on the basic site of the SWORD firm.

CAUTION: it is preferable to use the modules for Windows.


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Bibliarom at e-Sword


The "e-Sword" program, which, besides various possibilities of study and comparative reading, can also display coloured plates, as well as parallel commentaries and dictionaries, can be found at this address. It is also free of charge. Romanian Bibles for this program can be found at these addresses: e-Sword Bibles and Christian File Center.


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Bibliarom at Theophilos


The "Theophilos" program has a very simple navigation system. Besides the facilities offered by the other programs, "Theophilos" is able to display any kind of text. You can obtain it from this address. Bibles for this program can be found at Theophilos Bibles. There is also a Romanian site with writings for "Theophilos", at


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Useful sites:


The Romanian Orthodox Bible is present on the following Romanian sites: ; ; ; ; .


These Bibles are not processed for reading or study by means of the "SWORD", "e-Sword" or "Theophilos" programs, so they retain their original versification.


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We wish you a good journey on the path of Divine learning!



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